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Quality Policy

We at Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam Limited aim to achieve total customer satisfaction through manufacture and supply of Ayurvedic Medicine, confirming to requirements and specifications of the Vedic and modern Ayurveda Pharma memories.

We shall strive to attain a reputation for best quality through continual improvement of our process and products, with a passion for excellence through full involvement of our personnel at all levels.

Mission Statement:

Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam owes its raison d'être and remarkable progress to its founder and famed Ayurveda practitioner – Vaidyaraja Dwibhashyam Venkateswarlu. The principal mission of the institution is to promote the knowledge and benefits of authentic and holistic tradition of Ayurveda.

Established in 1925 at Chintaluru in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam has since covered a lot of ground to emerge as a prominent Ayurveda centre in the country. Over the eight decades, Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam has developed into an integrated Ayurveda centre with a whole gamut of activities – diagnostic & treatment services, bio-prospecting of medicinal plants, research & development, manufacturing & marketing.

Today, the Nilayam manufactures over 200 different special Ayurvedic formulations that enjoy extensive patronage, and has an extensive marketing network consisting of 200 sales points spread across south India.