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About Ayurveda


Ayurveda is one of the Indian systems of medicine and a growing sector with rising demand for safe and effective products. With the increasing urbanization and changing lifestyles of the public, there are a soaring number of chronic disorders in the society. There is an uptrend in the research going on the development of products for abnormal conditions such as Obesity and Alzheimer’s diseases which are caused because of changed and irregular food habits and life styles.

Present Situation:

The total herbal drugs market worldwide is approximately Rs. 2, 67,000 crores. In order to have a sustainable drug development, the company intends to carry out clinical studies and development of required documentation. The company intends to register/license selected products in regulated markets. This needs standardization of natural raw materials and validate the manufacturing processes. Company also intends to make efforts in these areas having the required traditional knowledge and skilled man power.

With the advent of the patent era and the implementation of WTO guidelines, India will increasingly be finding it difficult to meet its demand for drugs for treating different diseases such as hepatitis, obesity, bronchial disorders, neurological disorders, impotency, cardio vascular, diabetes, arthritis disease, siroroga (head related diseases), panduroga (anaemia), apasmara (epilepsy), agnimandyam (indigestion), paksavata (Paralysis), danta roga (teeth problems), visamajwara (fevers), sannipatajwara (fever) and gulma (tumors). The conventional medicines are priced beyond the reach of the common public and we need to import these products at exorbitant prices at the cost of the health of the nation both economic as well as physical. To overcome such a scenario it is essential that we explore the Traditional knowledge of our ancient science such as Ayurveda to come up with answers to the latest diseases in a cost effective manner.