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Lord of Health

The Physician of Gods and Giver of Health- Lord Dhanavantri

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Lord Dhanavantri is believed and revered to cure all ailments and diseases by a mere ‘darsanam’ of him and is worshipped ardently by devotes all across who seek his blessings for a healthy life. In South India Andhra Pradesh is the only state that enjoys the unique distinction of having a exclusive temple dedicated to Lord Dhanavantri. This temple is located in Chinataluru village, Alamuru mandalam, East Godavari district.

The holy Hindu scriptures exhort and reiterate that a ‘darsanam’ of Lord Dhanavantri is the panacea for all human diseases. Lord Dhanavantri is the presiding deity of Chintaluru and the upkeep of and monitoring of the Lord’s temple, the daily oblations to him is undertaken by the reputed and well known Ayurvedic organization, Sri Venkateswra Ayurveda Nilayam.

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Dhanavantri is considered to be the descendant and 12th incarnation of Srimann Narayana. He is believed to have emerged from the milky ocean during the churning by the Devas and Asuras in pursuit of obtaining the Nectar (amritam/ ambrosia), in a tremendous physical form holding the conch ( sankham), the discus ( chakram), aushadam ( medicine) and the pot (kalasam) in each of his 4 hands.

In the holy heavens, promoting ayurveda and giving relief and succor to the diseased devas (gods) accursed by Sage Duravasa, Lord Dhanavantri earned the admiration and respect of the Devas in due course.

Besides, he manifested in a human form in the mortal world in the Second Dwaparayugam phase taking birth as the able son of King Dhanwanrupaluni of Chandravamsa dynasty who ruled the kingdom of Kasi. He was named Dhanavantri and during his reign promulgated the good practices of Ayurveda and in later years attained divinity. Lord Dhanavantri is considered the god of Ayurveda and several Ayurvedic scholars attribute the success of their profession to his grace and beneficence.

Carrying on the traditions of Ayurveda and the mandate, the founder of Sri V A N Ltd., Dr. Dwibhashyam Venkateswarlu garu, is a learned and prolific Ayurvedic scholar. Earning the sobriquet ‘Vaidya Raja’, he is a renowned practitioner and also the chief person responsible for the building and anointment of Lord Dhanavantri’s temple in Chintaluru village, Alamuru mandal of EG district way back in 1942.

Subsequent to him the endeavours were entrusted to his son, Dr. Dwibhashyam Venkata Surya Narayana Murthy who took over the reins of administering the temple, supervising and fulfilling the various needs. Passing on the baton to his successor, essaying the role in present times is the current Managing Director of Sri V A N Ltd., Dr. Dwibhashyam Venkata Sri Rama Murthy holding the responsibilities. He has arranged for the renovation and refurbishing of the temple to its old glory.

This exclusive temple of Lord Dhanavantri located in the State of AP is accessible by rail and road. It is situated 35 kms from Rajahmundry and 15 kms from Ravulapalem. Also the country wide reputed Sri V A N Ltd. is located in close proximity and it is their fervent appeal to all to visit the holy temple to pay obeisance to the deity and get freedom from all ailments.

The Spread of Ayurveda

The Temple of the Ayurveda God (Eenadu- 6th December 2015 - Sunday eddition)

Read in Telugu

Dhanavantri has descended from Srimann Narayana. He is the first physician for mankind. The mention of Lord Dhanavantri is also found in Sri Bhagavatham and several holy puranas. In several provinces, the local people have built temples in his glory and worship him.One of these temples is built in the land of Telugus (9th December is celebrated as Dhanavantri day).

Other Provinces

Srirangam is a famous seat of Vaishanavites in Tamil Nadu. In the Lord Ranganathaswamy’s temple there is a small sub temple for Lord Dhanavantri. In any temple the Teertham is offered or at the most the Panchamritham as prasadam, but in Lord Dhanavantri’s temple here, an herbal concoction is offered as teertham. This concoction is reputed to cure chronic ailments is a belief fostered. In Kanchi,in Varada Raja Peruma’s temple there is an idol of Lord Dhanavantri worshipped. In Kerala near the Guruvayurappan Temple also is a Dhanavantri temple built and it is practice by all beginner doctors of Ayurveda to worship here before embarking on their ayurvedic practice career.

At Calicut too is a temple dedicated to the Lord. The credit of introducing neem and turmeric to mankind also is attributed to Dhanavantri. He is revered as the ancient guru of ayurveda.