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Product Name
Swarnabhasma, Rajatabhasma, Vangabhasma, Nagabhasma, Kantalohabhasma, Mouktikabhasma, Abhrakabhasma (sataputa), Pravalabhasma, Rasa Sindura
  • A sovereign remedy in Ayurveda for successful treatment of over urination And diabetes.
  • It gives health to diabetic patients in all stages of all natures.
  • It controls all urinary troubles and loss of albumen.
  • Cures anaemia, heart Disease, weakness, lucorrohea etc.
  • Well noted medicine for treatment of Meha diseases of twenty kinds.
Unit of Packing
20 Tablets, 30 Tablets
  • One tablet twice daily (or) as directed by the physician.
  • Can be used together with the vehicle of apamarga leaves 9 (roasted with Cow ghee) in the morning and with the decoction of Jamboo seeds, Musta and Chandana in the evening for the treatment of excess urination.
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