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Founder & Promoter

Vaidyaraja Dwibhashyam Venkateshwarlu Apara Dhanvantari Dwibhashyam Venkata Suryanarayana Murthy

V A N Ltd. was established in 1925 with the aim of giving the best Ayurvedic diagnostic and treatment services at all times. Sri D. Venkateswarlu "Vaidyaraja", the founder of this great organization had a vision to spread the knowledge and benefits of Ayurveda to all.

It was this zeal that led the Nilayam to grow on a firm foundation and to win seven gold medals for Ayurvedic medicine that is par excellence, as well as immense popularity and appreciation from everybody - medical fraternity to laymen.

Our History

V A N Ltd. 1st GMP & ISO certified Ayurvedic Company in Andhra Pradesh.

Sri D.V. Suryanarayana Murty, the only son of Vaidyaraja, was a renowned scholar and Ayurvedic Physician. After his father, he built up the Ayurveda Nilayam by introducing innovative techniques in the manufacture of the best Ayurvedic products.

Hailed by the erudites as "Apara Dhanvantri", Sri D.V.S. Murty won numerous laurels and awards for his distinguished service to the ailing humanity.